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Who Said You Can’t Build & Use Artificial Intelligence? Yes, You.

When you hear the words ‘artificial intelligence’, your mind can’t help but imagine robots that think for themselves. Don’t feel bad about it as pop culture and mass media have a tendency to not be specific or inquisitive enough when it comes to matters of tech.

Artificial intelligence is not a function of technology. It is the technology that will change our lives the same way the Internet did back in the 90s. Its power, versatility and potential make it a fountain of possibilities that are unthinkable for the human mind to even conceive at this point.

If you want to take a deep dive into what AI really is have a look here, here or here.

Now let’s cut to the chase. What if we told you that you could go from not really understanding what AI actually does, to being able to implement the technology on your website? Sounds too good to be true? Edge-based AI startup seem to think otherwise.

The AI experts just launched a new platform called AI2GO where people with no experience or background in AI can now have access to this groundbreaking technology. Think of it as what Wix or SquareSpace do for building websites. AI2GO might not have yet reached that level of simplicity but the idea is the same. It lets developers and manufacturers build AI models and upload it on their devices. Just have a read at what founder and CEO of, Ali Farhadi told TechCrunch:

The world of AI is evolving every single day. Xnor’s AI2GO platform is the latest development and it’s interesting to say the least.

“Developing AI is just hard,” founder and CEO Ali Farhadi told TechCrunch. “There’s not a lot of people who can do it. And deploying to an edge device is even harder — you have to worry about power consumption, memory limits, and all that. So now you have to have both AI and systems experts.”

AI2GO’s models are already being used in different verticals such as retail and smart-home applications. The beautiful thing about it is that there is no end to the use cases or industries this can be used on. From healthcare to agriculture, this platform can be utilised in so many ways shapes or forms.

Xnor’s platform is another step towards the evolution of AI. As Mr. Farhadi told GeekWire in a recent interview:

““The mission of ‘AI everywhere for everyone’ is a grand challenge,” he said. “It’s not like anyone can actually achieve that in a year, or two, or three. … AI2GO is a step toward that direction, enabling more and more people to deploy more and more use cases, on more and more devices, under various forms of constraints dictated by their use cases. We don’t think AI2GO is going to fulfill the mission. It’s just a step toward that mission.”

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