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Weird & Wonderful Tech: Would You Buy This?

In my free time, I sometimes like to think of how I can become a millionaire.

James Corden dreaming wonderful technology

(You do it too, don’t deny it!)

So, as a tech enthusiast, I try to think of gadgets that no one has discovered yet.

Like, how awesome would it be, if there was a pillow that could somehow store your dreams so you can re-watch them later?

I am confident that if this existed, and I turned my dreams into movies, I’d definitely win an Oscar and change the movie industry forever.

Or, what if there could be some sort of device that would track movement and pay you to work out? Maybe set goals that, if achieved, can give you money or points you can exchange?

For me personally, that’s the perfect type of motivation. It would be something like: “Wow, you actually went on a walk today, here are 100 euro or 10,000 Sephora points.”

Well, while researching all of these cool ideas, I found myself moving from website to website for like an hour, and eventually ended on the wrong side of the Internet.

Little did I know, there are so many weird (yet wonderful) pieces of technology that I’ve never heard of before!

Feeling a little disappointed that others got there first, but simultaneously fascinated, I made a list of the best (and weirdest) pieces of tech you can actually buy or will be able to in the next few years.

Here we go!

Quirky Egg Minder

Ever thought that if you were able to connect your egg tray to the internet, an app could tell you when you’re out of eggs and point out which ones are good and which ones are expired?

Well, someone did, and they created the Quirky Egg Minder!

Basically, this egg tray is in sync with your smartphone and notifies you when you’re on the verge of being eggless.

You can actually buy this from Amazon!

Hidrate Spark

Hidrate Spark is more than just a fancy water bottle.

This super-smart water bottle pairs with your phone via Bluetooth and makes sure you stay hydrated during the day.

It even glows to remind you to drink, it sends fun push reminders to your phone, automatically tracks water intake with a sensor inside the bottle, and it also shows a pin on the map of the last place you were paired with your bottle.

You can even compete with your friends in real-time through the Hidrate App.

Like, who wouldn’t want this?!

Onvi Prophix

How many times do you feel something “stuck” between your teeth, and it’s like you’ve spent half of your lifetime trying to get it out? (Especially if it’s popcorn!)

it's been a long time

Well, this super-smart toothbrush called Onvi Prophix, has a 10-megapixel camera built into the brush, and through an app, it shows you photos and a live video of what’s going on in your mouth!

This way, you can easily get rid of all those hidden seeds or popcorn out of your teeth and gums.

Who needs a mirror anyway?


Now, since we are on the subject of teeth cleaning, I gotta tell you about this smart piece of technology when it comes to flossing.

Flosstime, is a device that sticks to your bathroom mirror.

The floss dispenser rolls out 18 inches of “tooth rope” with a push of a button.

The goal is to encourage everyone at home to floss frequently, and the white device staring at you every time you brush your teeth can make this happen.

Additionally, Flosstime provides cute covers for the device, in order to make flossing a fun experience for children as well.

“No more Woof”

Ever thought about what’s going on in your dog’s head? I mean, you can pretty much tell when they’re happy, thanks to their cute wiggly tails that make our hearts melt.

But what are they really thinking?

The company “No More Woof” came up with 3 amazing devices that can actually read your dog’s minds, based on the latest microcomputing technology and EEG.

The NSID NMW Micro can distinguish 2-3 different thought patterns, such as tiredness, hunger and curiosity. There will also be a “voice” that will actually say phrases to describe your dog’s thoughts.

The NMW Standard has a more robust design and can spot 4 or more thought patterns. It will also function better with a variety of dog breeds.

Additionally, you can flash new software via micro-USB and it has an overall better functionality than the NSID NMW Micro. It’s also more expensive though!

Finally, the NMW Superior is the premium version of the above. It has a mini-speaker implemented in a golden dog-tag with the engraving of your choice and has a selection of customized colours that will blend nicely in with the dog’s fur.

Its auto-programmable, and builds data on how your dog thinks and reacts. Over time, it will let your dog speak in short sentences such as “I’m hungry, or “I don’t like this!”

You can preorder these cool products on “No More Woof’s” official website.

Mind Reading Chips

If you ask people what superpower they’d wanna have if they could, I am pretty sure many will mention mindreading.

Okay, before you start getting all excited, this is not a thing just yet. But we’re getting there!

According to The Sun, a new revolutionary device called “Brain Talker” was presented at the World Intelligence Congress in China.

This chip is worn outside the body. It’s not actually implanted in your brain (…yet), and it allows the person wearing it to control a computer by using their brainwaves.

BCIs (aka brain-computer interfaces), and special device in which simple communication is created between the human brain and computers.

Brain Talker, in this case, is able to decode brainwave information and transfer it to the computer without verbal communication.

Ming Dong, Tianjin University researcher said: “The signals transmitted and processed by the brain are submerged in the background noise”adding, “Brain-Computer Interfaces hold a promising future.”

The Selfie Toaster

Now, this is where things get interesting…and weird.

If you love your face so much that mirrors are too basic, maybe you need this invention in your life.

The selfie toaster does exactly what the name entails. You send a photo to the company they create a stainless steel mould, you put it in the toaster and voila!

You now have your beautiful face on bread!

It’s currently out of stock on Amazon (apparently people are obsessed over this), but you can also find it on


Moving on to yet another unusual tech creation, this is SMALT.

It’s basically short for Smart and Salt… get it?

This device has a speaker that can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can enjoy relaxing music when you’re having dinner, and it has colour-changing mood light.

But that’s not all. It is also a smart salt dispenser, where you can control how much salt you put in your food by connecting it to your phone!

You want to add a pinch or a full teaspoon? All you have to do is simply turn the dial and hit dispense.

And on top of all of this, you can connect SMALT with Amazon Echo and simply say “Alexa, dispense half a teaspoon of salt“.



If you have or want to have a “smart home” with Alexas, fancy salt dispensers and everything that comes with it, you might wanna get this as well!

Porkfolio is a smart piggy bank, that connects to an app and helps you keep track of the money you put in it.

Really cool if you have kids, as you can set financial goals, get notifications alerting them when the piggy bank has reached the goal.

This adorable device can be found on Amazon in 3 different colours.


Couples usually have one common issue: Sleep.

More significantly, the “duvet war” as I like to call it, where both need the duvet, but only one ends up having it.

Smartduvet solves this problem, and it’s actually pretty cool.

You can control the temperature of each side from an app, and everyone is happy!

The best part though is that it actually makes itself!

According to their official website, “It pumps air in the inflatable layer placed between your existing duvet and duvet cover forcing the layer to return to its original shape.

So thanks to technology, you never have to make your bed again!

If only we had this back in the 90s…

“Shut up and take my money”

Technology will never cease to amaze us.

No matter how awesome or face-palming something might be, we will always wonder “how on earth did they think of this?!”

This is the actual beauty of such gadgets and the reason why I find it so exciting!

As the years go by, I’m sure we will witness even more eye-opening (or eye-rolling) tech, that aims to make our lives easier.

We just have to wait and see what people come up with next.

You never know, maybe I will actually create something and become a millionaire after all! *fingers crossed*.