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The Best Online Resources to Get Your COVID-19 Updates

To say that life has changed in the past couple of months would be an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic has literally reformed every single aspect of our lives, leaving us dumbfounded and uncertain about the future. 

Is quarantine going to be the new way of life going forward? Is the economy ever going to recover? Can we get an antidote any time soon? The questions surrounding this unprecedented situation are endless and people are desperately trying to find answers that will give them a sense of what comes next. The Internet is flooded with articles, takes, opinions and theories regarding the virus and how things will play out. From the daunting prospect of life never being the same, to different scenarios about how we will get our life back, the spectrum of information about the disease is as diverse as you could ever imagine. Fake news and untrustworthy articles are everywhere. 

What do you believe? Where do you turn for information that is backed up by science and not speculation? What are the best online resources to get your COVID-19 updates? 

  1. World vs Virus Podcast

Podcasts are the trendiest of all mediums right now so when the World Economic Forum decides to create their own podcast regarding the pandemic, it’s worth paying attention. The podcast features weekly interviews with global experts. It tackles healthcare, science, economics, and psychology offering incredible value from trustworthy and highly respected professionals. 

Just to give you an idea, episodes of the podcast have addressed issues such as ‘Coping with working from home’, ‘The economic impact of COVID-19’ and ‘No Refuge: The world’s most vulnerable’  with guests ranging from David Miliband of the International Rescue Committee to economist Nouriel Roubini. It’s definitely worth it. 

  1. Visual Capitalist

Don’t let the name distract you as visiting the visual capitalist can give you an amazing visual representation of the most noteworthy aspects of the pandemic. The website hosts a wide array of beautifully crafted infographics that give you an easy to digest take on the impact of COVID-19. From Visualizing the History of Pandemics to Explaining the COVID-19 Oil Crash and How COVID-19 Has Impacted Media Consumption, Visual Capitalist is doing a wonderful job in adding some colour and interest in the way we consume information about the pandemic. 

  1. Google

We’re not suggesting you use Google in the traditional way – type some gibberish into the search box, have Google autocorrect you and then trust the first two links that come up in your search. What Google has brilliantly done is create a dedicated page that is engineered, powered and populated by Google itself, essentially giving you a library of content regarding the pandemic. Categories include Safety & Prevention Tips, Data, Insights & Trends as well as resources helping with moving classrooms online, staying connected and informed and how to keep your business up and running during these difficult times. 

This is a quick way of accessing information and data that would probably take you days to amass on your own. 

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