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Introducing: Identomat | Axios Brands

As a startup incubator, Axios Holding is proud to support innovative technology projects that aim to address the challenges of today’s business world and improve user experience. Today, we are pleased to introduce Identomat, the latest addition to the Axios family.

Identomat is a KYC (Know Your Customer) and Identity Verification solution, developed in Tbilisi, Georgia. Relying on its proprietary technology, based on the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Identomat streamlines the onboarding process, providing organizations and businesses with reliable identity verification and fraud prevention solutions. 

Identomat was launched in April this year. One could argue that the timing could not have been worse due to the COVID-19 pandemic since it’s not the best time for B2B products. Yet, as the popular adage goes, every crisis is an opportunity and Identomat has not failed to make the most of it. 

The company announced the donation of its KYC and Identity Verification services to organizations that are directly involved in battling the pandemic. The initiative included government bodies, NGOs, representatives of healthcare, online education, and others working towards the COVID-19 relief.

It is important for everyone to come together in the fight against this global threat,” says Zurab Kotaria, CEO of Identomat. “We feel blessed and lucky to have created technology that can assist in this situation, and it’s our duty to help the communities in Georgia and beyond by responding to this threat. We’re in this together and our sense of responsibility towards customers, towards humanity left us no other option. Let’s stay together, and fight this together.”

Shortly after the launch, Identomat was featured by Formula News, a popular Georgian TV channel. In May, Aldagi, Georgia’s leading insurance company, announced full adoption of Identomat’s AI technology. 

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, which powers the Identomat solution, Aldagi is able to verify customers’ identity, accurately extract data from submitted documents, and process it according to all legal requirements and standards of online security and data protection. All insurance packages can be purchased and finalized online, including submissions of all related materials. 

When it comes to a car insurance package, for example, a customer can upload all necessary photos of the vehicle online and finalize the agreement. In the past, purchasing a car insurance package would require a company employee to examine the car and document the process, after which the documents were signed. 

The news was especially welcome in the time of COVID, when social distancing and protecting one’s health became more important than ever. 

What’s more, Identomat was acknowledged as fully compliant with Georgian Law on data protection. The recognition demonstrates that Identomat’s practices are in line with the business processes and technical safeguards outlined by the legislation. Identomat takes pride in being able to manage the delicate balance between fast, easy, and smooth KYC processes while simultaneously protecting and securing the collected data.

Not only does the opinion of the State’s Inspector Service of Georgia mean that Identomat complies with the legislation in Georgia, but it also sends an important message as the Company aims to expand internationally. Georgia’s Law on Personal Data Protection is regarded as one of the most comprehensive pieces of legislation in setting the standard for the protection of customer data.

“We aim to provide clients with great user experience, as well as a quick and super-light onboarding process. Yet, we do not take security lightly. We hold ourselves responsible for our customers’ data and are guided by the highest standards in data protection – says Zura Kotaria, CEO of Raizomat, the company behind Identomat. “Obtaining the opinion by the State’s Inspector Service is a natural milestone for us, while we are also waiting for the ISO-27001 certification, and GDPR compliance as we prepare to offer our services to EU-based clients”.

Currently preparing to announce new integrations, including international ones, the release of an updated mobile SDK, and native mobile demo apps, the Identomat team is showcasing what it means to be a hot rocking startup in challenging times! 

Visit Identomat’s website and follow the brand on social media for a truly exciting journey.