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Did You Say 5G is Here? Wait Till You Hear About 6G

A few weeks back we wrote an article “How Excited Should You Be For 5G Technology,” because you know, 5G is the next big thing. The Internet infrastructure that will put 4G to shame and supercharge Internet connection speed and reach. Just to give you an idea of how new 5G is, it has only launched in certain countries and even then it comes with a set of caveats. Not all devices are 5G compatible and not all countries have the technical foundation to welcome this new game-changer technology. Why are we telling you all of this? Because whilst 5G has not even become a reality, 6G is already on the way. 

Yes, you heard us right. 6G is in the works and it doesn’t take much guessing to find who is behind this news – China. With an official announcement from their Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese government is putting the country in place to be the market leaders in developing and building the next, next (5G is the first next) generation of the Internet. 

The efforts will be led by two teams. The first team will be responsible for the execution of the technology whilst the other one will consist of 37 experts from universities, science institutions and corporations that will act as advisors and offer technical support whenever needed. 

What Can You Expect From 6G & How Will It Be Different To 5G?

Whilst the announcement marks the beginning of a new era, it is still unclear what 6G will ultimately look like. You can of course look at even higher speed and bandwidth but what will that actually mean for users and businesses? What we can do at this point is merely speculate based on the facts and data we have at hand.  

Marcus Weldon, president of Nokia Bell Labs, said the following in a recent interview

“What it really comes down to is mixing the physical world…the digital world–software systems, AI systems, and biological systems. You mix those together in real time. I have a permanent AR overlay.” He described his vision for 6G as almost a “sixth sense experience for humans and machines.”

To enforce this notion comes the research of Razvan-Andrei Stoica and Giuseppe Abreu at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. Breaking down 5G and the possible pitfalls associated with it, they came to the conclusion that the next incarnation of the Internet c will be centered around artificial intelligence. AI will be the bedrock for 6G and the potential is scary. 

“To harness the true power of such agents, collaborative AI is the key,” say Stoica and Abreu. “And by nature of the mobile society of the 21st century, it is clear that this collaboration can only be achieved via wireless communications.”

6G enthusiasts believe that download speed can reach the staggering threshold of 1 terabit per second. Let that sink in. Only a few years back, this kind of power and latency were the stuff of sci-fi movies. Going back to the research paper by Stoica and Abreu, the impact of such humongous power could fuel projects of grand scale. 

From healthcare and financial services, to smart cities, 6G will probably be the first standard of cellular designed primarily for machine to machine communication allowing the Internet of Things to fully release its potential. 


The 6G frenzy is officially underway with China’s announcement. What used to be discussion for chat rooms and threads is now a project in the making. The details of what 6G will be able to do or look like are yet to be ironed out but the important thing is that the future is coming at us fast. 1 terabit per second fast. 

Keep checking our blog as we will definitely be revisiting this topic in the not so distant future.