Working at Axios

Joining a company and starting a new job entails so much more than a job description and a salary. At Axios, we value your commitment to our company and we do everything in our power to reciprocate.

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axios discount card scheme

Axios Discount Card

The Axios Discount Card is just one of the many ways we try to give back and empower our staff. Discounts to gyms, wellness centers, restaurants and bars give our team the chance to enjoy their time outside the office. The list of available options get updated regularly.

hr message

You can expect an inclusive environment made of people that want to help and see you succeed. One of our primary goals is your personal and professional growth by placing a lot of emphasis on educational schemes and training. Your work will be underpinned by transparency and direct communication with management. Moreover, we understand that avoiding short-sighted initiatives and focusing on a healthy work-life balance are essential to help you be the best and most productive version of yourself.

Aliki Karmiotou, Head of Group HR