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Axios CIO Giorgi Alexidze Joins the GMI Advisory Board

Following the recent news of Axios Holding partnering with StrategEast to foster IT development in Eurasia, we’ve got another great update to share!

Axios Holding CIO, Giorgi Alexidze, has joined the Global Minds Initiative Advisory Board at StrategEast.

We are thrilled to see Giorgi’s profile next to the ones of President of EPAM Systems Company, Arkady Dobkin, Co-Founder of Viber and Juno Talmon Marco, and Dr Gregory Asmolov from King’s College London.

The Global Minds Initiative (GMI) was created with the mission of implementing a systematic approach to the IT industry development in Eurasian countries.

The project aims to create a large and influential group of high-quality tech entrepreneurs who share the core liberal values, such as rule of law, protection of intellectual and private property, and social responsibility.

At Axios Holding, we are excited about this opportunity to lead the positive change and development of the IT sector in the Post-Soviet States.

As our director Rati Tchelidze said earlier this week, ‘Axios Holding employs IT professionals worldwide, including offices in Ukraine, Lithuania, and Georgia. These regions and their communities are very close to our heart, and we are deeply committed to their further development. These countries have great potential in terms of IT talent, and we are thrilled to continue empowering them through systematic changes, like the ones envisioned within the Global Minds Initiative’.

Talking with Giorgi Alexidze, he shared with us his views on joining the GMI Board, the assigned project, as well as the IT industry.

AXIOS: Congratulations on joining the Board of GMI. What does this project mean to you?

Giorgi Alexide: Thank you! I have never envisioned myself as an “Advisory Board member” kind of guy. After all, I live for technology J. That said, when I learned about this initiative, I truly connected with it. I love the idea of helping these countries step up their IT sectors. There’s a lot of talent and potential there! I know it first-hand as 4 years ago, we created our team from scratch in Ukraine, and today we’ve got over 100 developers in 3 countries, and we keep growing and developing amazing projects that have a global impact.

AXIOS: Do you believe that IT professionals, like the ones on your team, could benefit from the GMI activities, such as visits to Silicon Valley, IT Hubs, roundtables etc?

G.A: For sure. At Axios, we are a global team, so our developers interact with their peers from other offices, and we truly foster a cross-border collaborative environment. This is not always the case in other companies in the region. While there are a lot of development hubs and outsourcing projects, there could be more sharing of experience and communication – both formal and informal. What’s more, projects like the Global Minds Initiative, provide IT, professionals, with exposure, and amazing learning and career opportunities. I am thrilled to be a part of that.

AXIOS: What would you recommend to someone who strives to build a successful IT career?

G.A: There are five main principles that I’ve learned along the way, managing multinational tech teams across different countries.

1️. Get things done.
. Never give up. If you fail, stand up and do the thing in a different way.
. Be patient. You can easily miss a lot of opportunities by lacking patience.
. There is not much in this world to die for. So just relax and stop worrying about little things.
5. Time is short, so use it wisely.

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