About us

Our Mission, Vision & Strategy

Our mission is to create the most innovative, comprehensive and embracive FinTech hub in the world. Whether we’re developing products and services from scratch or nurturing the ideas of other creative minds in our space, we want to be the go-to brand for FinTech solutions.

The way we plan to turn our vision into reality is by leveraging our knowledge and technology. Our tech and experience allows us to build an ecosystem of transparent, robust and reliable solutions that can strengthen strategic partnerships for the benefit of both our customers and stakeholders.

The company's innovation and growth is directly correlated to the growth and stimulation of our people. What brought us to the dance and what will continue to fuel our quest for excellence is the motto of “Always question, learn and improve.'' Companies are nothing without people and we are firm believers in empowering people to be themselves.

Our Leadership

Rati Tchelidze Director

Rati brings a wealth of experience to the company combining a unique set of legal and senior management skills. From working as a Chief Legal Advisor to then becoming a partner in a Law Firm, he has accumulated substantial knowledge about the inner workings and intricacies of the legal business framework. As the Director of Axios, he’s a constant source of valuable advice, leadership and strategic guidance, always pushing the company in the right direction.

Valerian Mezvrishvili CFO

Valeri is the CFO of the Group with more than 14 years of experience in corporate finance under his belt. He is responsible for the smooth operation and workings of the Group’s financial activities ensuring they are in line with legal and safety protocols. He is an expert in cost reduction and budgeting with a demonstrated history of producing accurate and timely reports on the financial health of companies.

Gia Janashvili Executive Board Member

Gia is an experienced professional bringing experience, business savviness and vigour to the Group. He offers valuable insights on developing a business strategy focused on financial gain, arranges business development meetings with prospective clients and decides on investment strategies by considering cash and liquidity risks. His contributions give the Group an added level of expertise and opens doors to new business opportunities.

Aleksandre Matcharashvili Chief Legal Officer

Aleksandre heads the Legal Department of the Group, making sure the company’s interests are both protected and compliant. His experience at two of the Big 4 accountancy firms (PwC + Ernst & Young) alongside his LLM in International Business Law and Master of Law and Business make him the ideal person to spearhead the department and give Axios the necessary safety and stability.

Daniel Abdel Malak CMO

Daniel is a seasoned marketing vet with over 15 years experience in Fintech and Technology, as well as the Manufacturing and Automotive sectors. From involvement in high-level Strategic and Business planning, to the specifics of SEO and Analytics; Daniel is passionate about empowering the marketing process through the use of technology. He understands the ever changing digital marketing landscape of this industry and possesses both the knowledge and skills to present our products to the market.

Aliki Karmiotou Group Head of Human Resources

Aliki is the person responsible for all things recruitment at Axios. She manages the recruitment process including negotiating fees and terms which best suit the business as well as delivering candidates in a timely manner. Aliki takes care of the entire onboarding and induction process for new starters, extending her duties to coaching, counselling and disciplining employees where necessary. Her contribution to the Group is invaluable as talent is the bedrock of our business.

Eleni Chatzoglou Corporate Lawyer

Eleni handles the legal administration part of the Group. With multiple publications to her name and a wealth of work experience, she is responsible for the maintenance of company’s records, ensuring that they all meet their legal obligations such as annual filings. She takes care of the preparation, review and execution of various corporate documents including all types of agreements, resolutions, instruments of transfer and more.